XYZPrinting Resin in the Form 1+

Has anyone tried the resin fro XYZPrinting?

Their Nobel 1.0 SLA printer is similar in spec to the Form1, so I wonder if their resin would work in the Form1/1+.

The price is certainly attractive, at $84/Kg. (about .9L)

We may need a custom .ini file for optimal results but I gather the resin would work.

The custom ini file would be for OpenFL, not Preform, right?

BTW, the only ini file that I found was the one that Formlabs published and is for the clear resin. Have they published any others like for the black, gray, etc.

How are supposed to know the differences in settings from one resin to another if they don’t publish the ini files. At least if they did, we could get more of an idea as to what works with what and have a starting point for doing customized versions.

You are correct. The custom ini files only work in OpenFL.

The clear example on the OpenFL Git is the only example Formlabs has released. I have discussed this multiple times with different members of the FL team. For now, the only example being provided is the Clear .1mm.ini.

The Optimal resin settings are different from resin to resin and for the different Z print heights. It is up to us to “guess” and modify from there. I understand the reasoning behind FL not releasing any other resin profiles. I would love it if they did release other profiels or they gave us an easier way to edit settings from within OpenFL without having to write a custom ini file.

This is where the 3rd party resin manufacturers assistance would be key and give them a chance to shine. In this case, IF XYZ wanted to assist, they could take the .ini file and modify it for optimal print results. They should be able to determine the best laser intensity and laser tracking speed to properly cure their resin. This would obviously only work for those of us with a Form 1 / 1+ for now but the more 3rd party resin manufacturers that “buy” into helping us. With them utilizing a custom ini file, the other resin manufacturers wouldn’t have to modify the resin to work properly with our printers, they could edit a few settings to modify the curing parameters. It would just limit them as the Form 2 owners would be left out in the cold.


here is a working profile for XYZprinting resin in Gray on Form 1+

My Printer was damaged but I had almost 5 Liters of resin from XYZprinting, so I need to develop it.
Of course to be used in PreFom Open FL !

Try it on your own risk :wink:

010_GREY______________Form_1 _XYZGR081_100 - Rename to ini.pdf (5.5 KB)

Very interesting how low the laser power is with the fast federate. Can you post up pics of some prints.


Gear is approx diameter 10mm
Lever about 12cm tall

Both wit resolution of 0,1 mm