Flexible resin default printing parameters (custom material)

Hi all.

I’m trying to tweak some printing parameters using the OpenFL version of Preform (https://github.com/Formlabs/OpenFL) to print using a custom material. Since the custom material appears to be similar physically to the flexible resin, I was wondering if anyone knew the default printing parameters (like laser intensity, feedrates, peel parameters, etc.) that Preform uses for the flexible resin?


If memory serves, @DavidRosenfeld has been working on this. Sorry if I am wrong David! :slight_smile:

@kevinduhe, you are correct. I have been working on this.

@esulli13, The materials being physically similar only means the peel process should be similar. This will ensure the resin has the proper time to move into place and doesn’t put strain on the build platform as the vat returns to its home position.

The manufacturer of the resin should be able to assist in editing an .ini file to get you the best results based upon the chemical makeup of the resin.

I do not have the default parameters for any FL resins besides the clear that is supplied by FL. If you post up what resin it is, and what resin profile gives you the best, most accurate prints we may be able to figure out how to tweak a custom .ini file to make the results even better. It is just a matter of trial and error using the clear profile if the manufacturer can’t or won’t assist.


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