Unofficial Formlabs Group

Good morning folks. I fully expect this to get closed, locked, deleted, whatever, but I sincerely hope the formlabs team will understand my reasoning behind the group and actually support its open nature.

I want a place where we as makers, can discuss what I think we can ALL agree is a very good piece of hardware. I want to explore the options of resin alchemy, PDMS replacement, the pros and cons, etc. Its not that we dont like big brother chiming in when help or support is needed, but sometimes i think we would all prefer some open and honest discussion without some of the other stuff.
so if you delete it, so be it… im hoping you wont.
If you want to join me, the group is open!forum/unofficial-formlabs-group


Cool, thanks for doing this, you beat me to it. hopefully we can get people to follow us there and start to better learn how to utilize our machines.

Mike A
Scout Design & MFG

Good idea, I subscribed promptly. :slight_smile:

We also want the forums to be a place where all users share their projects and better learn how to use their machines, materials, and software. We do our best to only moderate in cases where information is incorrect or misguiding. The thread auto locking was a mistake and since that’s been undone, I don’t believe any threads have been closed or removed or comments deleted. If any threads need to be unlocked, feel free to let me know.

There are certain things we cannot recommend as they tend to be higher risk and might not suit the majority of users. For these, the Google group may provide the right outlet for some to discuss exciting experiments and developments with their machines. I’m not opposed to this discussion happening on our forums and there have been some great threads on things like “resin alchemy” and alternative post-processing methods. Seeing as our forums are a public resource, we sometimes have to jump in and mention that some of these practices are higher risk and not recommended for normal users.

Looking forward to following the discussion in the Google group; thanks for keeping the conversation productive.

  • Frew

appreciate you chiming in frew… also thank you for being very “cool” about what we are trying to do. Again, this is the least heavy handed forum I visit, and its largely a very good forum to visit. but like anything, sometimes the fanboys etc can hijack something and turn it in to a “formlabs can do what they want” thread. most times nothing to do with FL employees.
thanks again

You should also check out the Unofficial Form 1 wiki thread for a similar project.

Appears to not let non-members view it. This would make it less open than the official forums.
“You must be a member of this group to view and participate in it.
You cannot view this group’s content because you are not currently a member.”

just a setting… im new to creating google groups. ill work on it.

ok should be set

Ah, ok. Good to know!
Looks open now.