Resin Recipe List?

Good afternoon folks… I was just curious if anyone has compiled (whether privately or on the forums) a list of resins, mixes or otherwise, and their associated form 2 preform setting.
That would be incredibly helpful as I am just starting out with the form 2, but want to start making things.
I read a thread about mixing tough and flexible, etc. I am just hoping to compile a more standard database that we could all perhaps share.

I would like to see that list as well. Based on my 6 months of reading this Forum I have not seen anything like this yet. I am sure Formlabs would not like it to much if we started quizzing and polling people for what experiences they have had with the different 3rd party resins. I do think it would be a great topic for an offline discussion. I have even been thinking about starting a forum to get people together to more openly share information about there experiences without the big brother watching/influencing the discussion. There is a lot of knowledge out there about resins and printer hardware modifications that would be helpful to all. I am just not aware of a place where this information can be stored and shared.

Actually, the reprap project (forum and wiki) is the one point for this kind of “subversive” information. :slight_smile:

except this isnt a reprap :slight_smile: and there is no info at all there on this topic haha. but I dont mind the website plug haha

It doesn’t need to be, that’s the fun part. Specially if these resins can be used in other SLA (or DLP) printers. The reprap project is an umbrella organization for a whole lot of 3d printing stuff, it even offers itself as a repository of documentation of 3d printing techniques to play the role of documented prior art, to help fight and invalidate 3d printing-related patents which hamper progress so much.

BTW, one things that I would very much like to see there are… Real resin recipes, I mean recipes for making SLA/DLP resins from basic components, like the open-source clear Ember resin from Autodesk.

One thing that someone (not me ) can do would be to look at the various patents on SLA resins. The law says that a patent must disclose information like resin composition for it to be a valid patent. Knock yourself out.

I have found this approach very helpful in the past as an R&D engineer.

Bill Box

I’ll definitely look into this; hopefully most of them are patented and not just a secret.