Why does each revision of Preform change features

I upgraded from an old version of Preform after the fix to it that was causing the support bases to weld to the build plate.

The first new update worked perfect, no issues. It had the VENTS and LABELING.

Upgraded to the newest version of Preform yesterday afternoon and notice NO vents and no labels. And prints started FAILING while it was printing the support base. I’ve had two prints in a row fail.

WHY are features put in then taken out time after time?

What resin and PreForm version are you using?

I use ALW resin and have for many months with no issues other than this. I now have version 2.13.1 showing but I thought it upgraded to version 2.15.1 as that’s the title on the software that I installed.
I keep getting a error message when trying to save that to the normal path on downloading and must save to the temp directory. I installed from there using the Administrator permissions. Seemed to install properly and now I don’t get the message I need to upgrade it.

@Walter_Gillespie Hi Walter, really sorry to hear you are having issues, I know how frustrating that can be. It sounds like somehow you’re now running 2.13.1, which is the release before we added the vents and base labels. Probably the easiest way to make sure you get on the latest release is to uninstall all versions of PreForm you’ve got, and download the newest installer here: https://formlabs.com/tools/preform/. Also - once you download it, make sure you’re double-clicking the newest one in your Downloads folder. It’s easy if you happen to have older installers in Downloads to click the wrong one (I’ve certainly done it many times).

Please let us know if you are still having any issues, happy to help debug.

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