Supports consistently failing to adhere to base

I’ve been charged with testing out the Form 1 by my employer and have made 4 attempts at printing so far.  It seems as though every time I’m getting supports that fail to adhere to or break from the base, usually causing some critical surface or feature to print incomplete.  I’ve also noticed that even after installing the most recent version of PreForm that there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference in the appearance of the supports from the first version, although there are changes to the UI.  I’ve been pretty careful to follow the suggestions on the website, and have changed support structure settings, tried different orientations and locations, etc. but haven’t really had much luck.  My models are pretty simple geometry, I can add pictures soon.  Any ideas?  I know 4 prints isn’t much and it may take awhile to get the hang of it, but wanted to see if there were any like experiences out there which might have been solved.  Thanks.

Hello Will,

If your parts are simple and well-supported, you certainly shouldn’t be seeing the kinds of errors you’re coming across – something else may be wrong. Has the printer ever printed successfully? I would certainly get in touch with our support team, who’ll be able to walk you through the steps of diagnosing your particular issues. Images and information on your system set-up are always useful.

You can drop us a note at