Constant print failures

I’ve been playing with my new Form2 for a few weeks, and getting many failures, with the base not adhering to the build platform. I thought this might just be my inexperience, but it’s not getting better. I’ve had maybe 2 good builds, and 10+ failures so far, so I’m pretty sure something is wrong!

After each failure, I’m cleaning the tank, draining and filtering the resin and trying again. The bottom of the tank looks clear, with no scratches, but the builds are sticking to this, not the platform.

Any ideas?


Try lowing your build platform height in fine tuning.

Certainly troubling, Duncan! There’s often a learning curve, but 10 out of 12 failures doesn’t sound right at all. Could you share some example .form files of what you’re trying to print with our support team via email? They’ll be happy to look into the adherence issues. Like Craig mentioned, you may also want to explore fine tuning the build platform height.

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