The twice failed print!?

Hello my friends,

I bought a Formlabs 2+ for our university and have some problems with it.

The first 3 prints are finished very well, but the last two are failed, the print hangs around in the air and the laser fixed the material at the bottom. After the first fail I cleaned the Resin Tank, the Material (clear V2), but next time the same problem.

Perhaps somebody can help me? :slight_smile:

Here you can se the print:

Best regards

Can you post a few pictures of the model you wanna print in Preform? Also, attaching the .form file would be useful.

For sure, thanks:

This is the Model

The Form-File

It looks like you’re having adhesion failure. One way to fix that is by fine tuning the built platform height.


(CraigBroady) In one of the trays I had that problem I changed the tray for another one that had in stock I did not make the fine adjustment due to many doubts in the configuration to Formlabs would not have a video showing that adjusts to facilitate the adjustment?

It’s pretty simple.

You just adjust the Z-height so that the platform is a little bit closer. Try experimenting with small increments initially and see if it fixes the problem. You could also double check that the resin is clean by using a filter.

I had this problem once because of a few failed prints which left some tiny particles in the tank which caused the first layer not to stick.

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I just had a problem with a third-party resin in Open Mode, and one of the fixes was adjusting the Z-height and sanding the build platform with 220-grit sandpaper, then cleaning well with new IPA. Worked like a charm.

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