WHOA! Firmware yesterday and today Preform upgrades now Nothing works!

Well this morning I load up preform for a quick print and it says that the Printer firmware and Preform software is incompatible, download new version of preform. I saved the work to print today, and did the download and upgrade, reloaded the saved form file and a hour into the print I notice nothing is printing, not even the base.

I guess I should have rebooted and ???

Any help Support?


We’re having major problems too. Just installed the new printer firmware and PreForm software an a Mac. PreForm opens up with one page, then immediately opens another page. This second page looks functional at first, but when we try to open a file, the icons fade and nothing happens.

We’ve submitted a ticket, but would love to know how things turn out for you, and if anyone else is having problems

Good luck,

Well, the first print failed as I said, I checked it on the print plate, only a few layers of the base printed. I figured that the new Preform was 64 bit then I probably should have restarted my computer…the other time I just reopened the preform software and loaded a previous file on it. So after the restart/reboot, I opened preform, opened the STL file, and brought that in, sized and oriented it. Its half way thru the print, and from what I can see it might be successful. Updates in a bit.


Update, I believe my problem is solved, after the firmware update and then the update to Preform the user should reboot the computer because the new release if I read it correctly goes from 32 to 64 bit, and needs a restart. I did a test print and all looks well.


That’s great news, Les! Good tip. Thanks for the update.


I had to reboot twice, since the software would load and open, but would crash upon opening any file. One improvement: a couple of files that wouldn’t have repaired previously (requiring the OSX version) now will repair.

It’s working, but even more slowly than when it was 32 bit. Placing objects, rotating the view, moving the slicer, building supports, each takes a very long time. Read a newspaper article kind of wait (well, maybe 30 seconds or minute to change a view from from to side, or move the model placement on the platform). Same files are not a problem on a less powerful OSX desktop, and on a MacBook Pro.

Is anyone else having this issue? If so, let’s hope there’s a quick patch!

Hey Everyone,

Thanks so much for taking the time to contribute to this thread. In the interest of helping us track any issues you’re seeing with new firmware and/or PreForm versions, please submit a support request at the link below.

This will help us determine what’s going on for each individual user, and where there may be commonalities between users in the problems that you’re seeing.

We’re so sorry for any trouble this has caused, and we’re certainly not going to wait around if a patch is necessary, but the more information we have the better.

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From what I learnt in the past, if current setting works for you, preform and firmware, don’t do upgrade unless absolutely necessary, especially newly released versions…really makes you panic.
But good to know that we have 64bit preform now, something I’ve asked about many times, but still I won’t do upgrade as things work pretty well for me…

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