Problems with Preform 2.3 and firmware update

I recently installed 2.3 on my laptop that I use to print from and when prompted to update the firmware it hung, printer came up with a DHU error. I shut everything down restarted and the firmware went through the motions but the printer just sat in ready mode.
I thought the firmware on the printer had be hosed but luckily I still had the previous version of Preform on my main machine and all is working from there.

Be wary on 2.3. There seems to be some bugs in it.


It won’t let me update the firmware as well. It goes through the motions and the status bar goes to 100% After that it tells me no printer is connected and I can’t add it back. When I restart Prefrorm it says that firmware must be installed and again it loads as indicated by the status bar then POOF! no printer found. FRUSTRATING!!!

In some cases 2.3 would incorrectly say that you needed a firmware update. In particular, there is not new firmware for Form 1 and Form 1+ printers. I published an updated PreForm 2.3.1 today that no longer asks you to update firmware when you don’t need to. Try installing that and power-cycling your printer (by unplugging from the wall outlet).

If you continue to have trouble please contact customer support and we’ll figure out a solution.

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Hi, Same issue just set up my brand new Form 2 but can´t use it since there is an issue with firmware compatibility check. Tried both 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 and power cycling the printer as well, no luck.
Error code 1065 unknown firmware version (rc-1.1.0-220)

So basicly I´m stuck until monday since local support is not working weekends. And I just would love to test it out…:disappointed_relieved:

For the Form1+ I just installed 2.3.1 and it does work fine. I would double check on the Form2

I’ve been away from using my Form1+ for about 10 months due to major medical issues since resolved. I’m finding the new Preform 2.3.1 to be a bit hard to work with in comparison to the old version.
I seem to remember being about to free rotate around an object to view support positions. That’s not possible now. Also, when I change view to minimizes the object so I have then scroll in.
Find it real hard to work with and not happy with it at all.

Hope your doing well, welcome back.
I am able to run 2.3.1 on my old laptop and though slow I am able to orbit around objects and edit points.
What has changed in the last couple of versions is you no longer seethe supports but rather just the contact points. For many I think it makes editing a little less cluttered to work with.
Right Mouse in the scene should enable orbit.

Are you using Windows or a Mac? Works ok on Windows here.

Thanks, Ken. Yes, Doing pretty good. Had Congestive Heart Failure… They cured it for the first time in history. Did a totally new heart procedure that unblocked a artery that was blocked for 25 years.
Anyway, I’m back at it. [grin] I have a print going right now, not sure how well it’ll turn out as the resin is old. new build tank. Machine came up and ran just like it has all along. I did work out my problems with Preform 2.3.1, my problems mainly. [laugh]
I work a lot with AutoSketch and SketchUp Pro. They use the buttons on the mouse differently. Wish software designers would tend to standardize those things.

I’m on Window 8. Been thinking of upgrading to 10 but not sure why. Put that on a laptop and as far as I’m concerned it runs slower. My workstation is jazzed up with MB of Memory, multi-processors and TB of disk space. I run a small kit manufacturing business and do a lot of CAD and 3D design work.

Glad your doing great. The resin should be fine as long as you give it a good shake. Make sure all your mirror and galvos are clean. I had my machine sitting for a little bit and started to have failed prints but it was easy to resolve, just a pain.

I agree with the key combos, there should be some sort of standard.

Check with drivers for Win 10 to make sure all your devices will work fine with it. 10 is better than 8 and 8.1.
Personally I preferred 7 pro for my work machine but 10 isn’t so bad on a laptop. Still not sure if I could drag my Cintiq, scanner, tower, keyboard, mouse and space mouse and travel with it since Win 8-10 have “airplane mode”. Not sure if they would allow it.

That’s my issue on upgrading OS. I have a complete network here with multiple computers and six printers of various types. When I moved my workstation from XP to WIndows 8 I ended up with lots of issues. PageMaker 5 which I love to use won’t work with 64 bit OS so I had to install VM to run XP and of course there are the driver issues to get everything working from this. But I can use my 8 bit and 16 bit software and XP runs just like it’s the main OS with access to all network and server drives.

I have one half used quart of resin that I filtered before storing. I may start adding small amounts of that to what’s in the tank. My stuff doesn’t go out to customers but either for testing to make sure something if viable or for masters for making RTV molds.

Just posted about an issue I’m having with the Orientation boxes on Preform 2.3.1. They don’t retain values no matter what I do. Had to revert to auto orientation which isn’t always the best for my parts. The first test print came out with no issues and I’m running a much larger version of the same piece. I’ve had no issues with the Form1+ from the day I got it. Any issues have been my doing so far anyway. [laugh]

For a Pagemaker replacement, try Serif’s PagePlus X9. It has the same pasteboard as Pagemaker but has better master page controls like Quark. I use it for most of my publication work and love the variable data controls which are so easy. Superior color management and pdf handling makes ad books a snap. Better product than InDesign by far.

I think I had posted a request for PreForm to retain and show values of objects orientation. In any case you can quickly rotate the object with the mouse or mouse wheel in the rotation fields. Big thing is to minimize surface size against the tanks surface and avoid right angles to the tank. Longest supports towards the hinge and use the side that is the easiest to sand for support side.
Not a fan of the auto orientation here either. I don’t think there is any way the software can guess what would be the easiest side to clean up.

Ken, I’ll take a look at Page Plus X9. I write and print rather large instruction manuals with some up to 130 pages long. I do them two pages up, top and bottom, of a 8.5x11 page. Print both sides in book form. Question I’ll need to answer is if I can port the PM5 jobs in to it. I currently port them into InDesign but I don’t like the workspace at all in that program. Don’t think anyone else does either as they haven’t upgraded it as far as I can tell. [laugh]

Preform is a good program so putting a feature in a new release that doesn’t work “purposely” isn’t good practice. I was in IT at all levels including programming and we’d never let anything like that out to the public.

O scale, 1:48 ratio, version of the piece came out fantastic. As soon as I get it cured and cleaned up a bit I’ll post a photo or two. These are just test pieces and the part will need further mods before it’s ready to be a master. Then I’ll print multiples as I usually cast with five to eight pieces in a mold.

PPX9 should handle your books fine, better than Pagemaker since it is 54 bit. Your best bet is to export a pdf and open that into PPX9. It should be fully editable.
I disbanded Adobe products a while back due to their policies and poor quality software and horrible support.

Love to see the part.

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