Anyone using Preform successfully on thier Mac?

I’ve got a MacBook Pro running 10.8.5 and Preform crashes consistently as soon as an .stl file is loaded.  Anyone else having some luck with it or is there something I can do to help?

Hmm. I am running it on my hackintosh and a new macbook pro with no issues. 10.8.2 on my hackintosh and 10.8.5 on my macbook.

I used it last night to create supports for the resin tank strainer part. Its printing right now. So far it seems that 0.9 uses less resin and it does upload to the Form1 faster than previous versions, not lightening fast, but noticeably faster for me. Also, part auto-orientation seems to be improved. I have a 2011 MBP, Mac OS X 10.8.5

Thanks guys, I’m glad it does work on a mac, but I’m bummed it doesn’t for me. :frowning:

I think there might be an issue with your Mac. Have you tried repairing permissions, and then reinstalling the software? Or any thing else? If so, then there might be some other problem, like the download file containing the preform software is corrupt?

Actually, there might be a problem with that STL file.

Thanks Temujin, I did completely uninstall and reinstall the new one, especially when the newer version came out.

I have also successfully printed the same STL files on a windows machine a number of times.


We are very interested to examine the STL file you are having issues with. Can you send it to us at

Hi Jory,

Some has already looked at it from the support team.  That’s why I came hear to see if anyone has had similar problems.  I suspect the STL file and Mac issues are different.

I have taken the STL file that I’m having problems with and increased it by a factor of two and printed the larger model just fine.

I used a windows machine for it.  This thread was looking more at the use of a Mac to run Preform.  I’m happy to look at either issue though, Just wanted to say that Preform doesn’t run on my Mac no matter what STL file I’m using.

I’ve added the STL file to this post, if I send it to do I need to reference this thread?


Does OS X generate a crash report? If you could open up a support ticket with us, including all of the relevant information on your computer, as well as the crash report, and a screenshot of the ‘about’ page of PreForm, our software team would appreciate it. Referencing this thread would be useful, but we’ll be able to find! Hope to get you up and running soon!