PreForm Software 1.8.1 Crashes on Imac

I have a Imac running OSX Yosemite 10.10.1 and I find a past file that has printed well many times causes The latest version of Preform 1.8.1 to crash during the import process.

Has anyone had this issue and found a way to resolve the problem?

In the short term I have resolved this by using an older version of Preform.

Would welcome any thoughts

Yosemite is a pig and breaks most Macs that I have seen it on (I’m an IT Trainer when I’m not a 3d printerer). I recommend going back to previous OS.

Could you create a new support ticket and submit the .form file that crashes 1.8.1 on Yosemite? When you write in, could you also say what version of PreForm the file was created with?


Paul, it’s crashing for me too. In my case the export worked but the PreForm application crashes every time.

Thanks for the replies, and have found that the mac is very stable when batch processing images and working with CAD files better than Mavericks. Now that I am using perform 1.7.1 it is very stable. I will send a support ticket Parker and thanks for your help.

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