Print only start AFTER loading to the Form1

A ton of my fails occur because PreForm crashes while loading to the Form1. I use OSX and it seems less stable that Win. As we all know the Form1 starts printing while the uploading happens so when the software crashes I have to then stop everything and clean the Form1 everytime. This adds a lot of wasted time in the process and it would be awesome if there was an option for me to have the print start AFTER uploading to the Form1.

Please make this happen : )


I’m sorry to hear that the software is crashing so frequently for you – could you give us more details on the kinds of problems your seeing and when? Is it just crashing mid-upload?

One quick work-around – if you don’t confirm the print by pressing the button on the Form 1, the file will still upload completely. Once you verify that its worked as expected, you can start the print by pressing the main button and getting things going.

Hello Sam,

My models in general are more on the dense side and although Im using the highest spec latest IMac its still struggles to make a complete upload to the Form1. PreForm crashes between halfway and three quarters through the upload process. The software just closes.

Most to all of my higher poly models have loaded and printed successfully when I resort to do it through Bootcamped Windows 7 on the same machine.

Thank you for the work a round suggestion! Actually never thought about that. I dont know if anyone else is experiencing stability issues on OSX. PreForm works perfectly well while navigating and making supports and all that. Its just the uploading. I hope this helps you.

Thanks for your quick reply!