v1.91 - crash


First print with 1.91, and it crashed windows 7 all the way down to a reboot. It seems like this happens often if I spend time editing supports and visualizing layers. Not sure why, but it being 32 bit and being forced to run in a 32bit VM on my 64bit Win7 box probably does not help.

It was doing an upload of a 1351 layer set of objects at the time. I was not looking at the windows box when it fell down, so I was not sure if it was done uploading before it crashed. It came back up, I started Preform and it showed the status/dialog/toolbar - whatever it’s called - upon startup saying to confirm the print. I assumed from this that it had in fact finished uploading. I hit the button on the printer, and disconnected the USB cable. A few minutes later I looked at the printer display, and it was saying “Waiting for layer (<1351)” (meaning less than the total, not sure exactly what it said). I had to kill the job and resend it to the printer.

Q: What is the correct course of action in this situation?

Ideally, the software understands that it fell over, talks to the printer, understands the last good layer that was sent (presumably you do a checksum per layer and verify it on the device before sending the next layer) and asks to reload the file and restart sending at the next layer.

Q: Why does it take so long to upload the print to the printer? Is it the checksum verification?


Can you shoot us a message to support@formlabs.com so we can take a look into the issue?


Also, to address your questions:

If PreForm does not finish uploading due to disconnection…the upload cannot be resumed and must be started over. You can do this by restarting the printer to clear any partially uploaded data.

Upload time depends on the model, but we are always working to make it faster!


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