Preform 0.8.1 crashing in a virtual machine

Has anyone else had problems with the Preform v0.8.1 crashing when running it in a virtual machine?  I am running it on an Oracle Virtual Box Windows 7 virtual machine and it is crashing every time.  I also tried it on a Windows XP virtual machine with the same results.  The earlier version of the software seemed to run in the virtual machine fine, but the latest version is not.

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I run V 0.8.1 under Fusion and Windows 7 with no problems.


I am bumping up against this right now. I have a Windows 7 Pro install on my Mac Pro. I haven’t run the VM in almost a year, so first I am updating everything on the host and client. After that is done I will mess with settings and report back if anything helps.

At work we use parallels, and I have had zero problems with software or hardware (even with relatively fast USB DAQs). Others have reported success with both parallels and fusion, so I may end up just purchasing one of the commercial solutions. I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking VB to work and I’m beginning to think the $60 might be worth it.

Okay, I got it to work. I enabled 2d and 3d acceleration in the vm (and gave it more video ram).

I only loaded the demo part and was unable to do ANYTHING with it. No orientation, scaling, duplication etc. not sure if this is the intended behavior.

Thanks Cliff!

Enabling 2D and 3D accelerations seems to have solved the crashing problem.  But, mine also cannot select the part to modify it.

I had Parallels installed with Windows 7 on my Imac which worked fine until I started to load poly heavy models. I switched to bootcamp and its been mostly smooth sailing.

I have the same issue as Cliff and David. The software works perfectly apart from my not being able to select a part!

I know that some users that had the selection problem when running PreForm in XP on a Mac machine via Parallels 7.  And some resolved the problem by moving from Parallels 7 to Parallels 8.

The OSX release of PreForm is still ‘coming soon’.  Although I cannot say what the exact launch date will be, I can say that the OSX release is a priority for the software team.