Any success running PreForm on the Mac in VMware Fusion on Windows 8?

I am trying to run PreForm on my Mac in VMware Fusion running Windows 8. Unfortunately the graphics/UI are corrupted as shown in the attached screenshot.

If I try to click around in the UI anyway, I immediately get an app crash (see second screenshot). Does this work for anyone on OS X, and if so what is your configuration? Does anybody have better results in Parallels?

Not that this will help you, but it runs fine for me with Parallels / Windows 7

It`s o.k. for me. Macosx10.8.3/Parallels8/Win8

Hey Marc, I get the exact same issues on my PC/Win 8 laptop. However, digging into the issue I found that Windows 8 installed a generic driver for my on-board Intel video card which now no longer support OpenGL. Intel has decided not to create a specific one for Win8 that re-enables OpenGL. Is it possible that your Mac is old enough that Win8 is using a non-OpenGL driver for your card? It would be good to narrow down this issue to lack of OpenGL.

I run it under Fusion with Win 7 with no problems (Os 10.8.3,  Fusion 5.0.3(

I ended up using Bootcamp and Windows 8 on a second Mac, and that works for me.

The Software seams to work in Windows XP in Parallels/MAC, but does not work in Virtualbox on a Linux machine. Has anyone been successful with virtualbox as it’s what I would prefer to use?

I am using parallels under OS 10.8.4 and XP. XP wants a driver for the formlabs USB (formlabs1 shows up on the USB list) but can’t find one. How are you solving this? The printer never appears within Preform.

On my computer the driver was installed with Preform.

Not on mine.  However, I found the Windows driver and all is well now.  Getting winusbcoinstaller2.dll from MS did the trick.

I just tried the new version 0.8.2. When I first launched it, it presented an error message about OpenGL 2.1. I then shut it down and enabled 3D acceleration in the VM’s settings. Now PreForm seems to work fine, I certainly don’t get the visual glitches anymore.

I am pretty sure that I tried it with that setting both enabled and disabled before, so I’m not sure if 0.8.2 fixed something or not. If the warning message at application startup about OpenGL is new, that is certainly a good improvement.

Thanks for the update on this and for contacting support when the problem first arose. I’m glad that you’re seeing improvements with 0.8.2!