PreForm software not seeing Form 1+ printer

I’ve put a ticket in on this but thought I’d post here in case anyone else has had this same issue. My PreForm software v. 1.8.2 is not connecting to my Form 1+. The computer sees that the Form 1+ is there and wants to install a device driver. My computer is more than ample for the setup. I am running Windows 8.1 Pro in 64 bit. Has anyone run into this at all?

Got it working. Doing first print now, the FormLabs funnel. I figured that should print OK. We’ll see.

  • Walt

Peform 1.8.2 crashes for me. It crashes after loading a part, it crashes when removing a part, it crashes when repairing a part, etc etc etc

Where can I get an older version? Preform 1.8.1 for the Mac worked for me.

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