PreForm crashing! I want access to previous versions!

Anyone else extremely mad with a new version of preform that is crashing? I have print jobs to do and recently updated to 1.9.1, which is absolutely not working on my machine. I have already opened a support ticket but it is taking much longer than expected!
How hard can it be to provide download links to previous versions that are working on our computer??? I had suggested this already in an earlier ticket but maybe we need more voices here…!

dumb question: have you looked in your downloasds folder? for me, and maybe I’m just doing it differently, but the installer for every version I have ever run is still there. Firefox is my default browser though, and I never run stuff without downloading it first too, so those things may contribute to why I have them all still…

I had this issue. Download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card then restart pc.

Same issue here. I reinstalled 1.9.1 version and run it as an administrator.
It is not working. The menus are not responding to the mouse and it freezes.
I think the normal approach would be to have access to the latest and also to the previous versions on the FormLabs website. This is problem for me as I can’t print for a week now.

I just got the link to version 1.8.2, which is the latest working one for my machine.

Anyone who has the same issues:

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