Preform Windows 10 issues

Loaded Win 10 on a new drive and was able to print a few times using Preform.
The issue is that now preform crashes every time I try to start it.

I have restarted my machine but I am still have the same issues.
I did not see any thing related in past messages on the forum.

I would appreciate any advice.


Have you tried reinstalling?

Maybe after uninstalling, delete the following folders for safe measure:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Formlabs

  • Kevin

I had reinstalled but hadnt tried deleting anything else.
Ill try that. Thanks!

Just a shot in the dark…I hope it works for you. If not, be sure to open a support ticket.

I havent had a chance to trouble shoot this but just noticed that cura is crashing the same way. Luckily I have many pcs that are working properly so it isnt a crisis yet.

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