Preform 2.12 totally screwed up my computer

I installed the new Preform 2.12 version and now it’s totally useless. I can’t get it to uninstall and can’t get it to run. I keep getting messages that I don’t have permission to access the software or delete it.
I use my system for production and this is totally unacceptable. Isn’t this software checked before shipping. I can’t even roll back to a previous version without restoring a backup image of the whole drive C.

Have you tried after doing a reboot?

Shut down the computer a number of times and restarted it. Reboot never seems to work correctly. I’ve tried deleting the files as Administrator, no go. Things where working OK until this new V2.12 update. I even had similar problems on my laptop computer but got around it on that some how. That’s the only way I can send jobs to the Form2 now.

If it’s having trouble removing, after deleting the folder go to the registry editor and find the Formlabs listing under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software and delete it, which should remove all system references to the software. You should be able to reinstall it after that unless there’s something going on with your Windows user permissions.

Thanks Zachary, that did it. I went back one version after seeing others having issue with the new version.
I’ve used this in the past to remove all traces of a program. Didn’t realize it also removed copies in the system, at least it looked to this time.

We’re working to track issues associated with the new update and if you’re able to open a ticket with our support team and describe the issues, that would be a big help in removing any bugs. Thanks @Zachary_Brackin for helping out with troubleshooting! Glad you were able to get this fixed and roll back to a previous version at least temporarily.

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I solved the issue by doing what was listed above. I installed the older version and it is running OK at this time. I did open a ticket and heard nothing back.

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