Preform update failed, now Preform won't launch

OK, does anyone else think that Preform updates too frequently?

Todays update failed (downloaded OK, but spit out error message upon attempting installation)… now I can’t launch Preform at all.

Should I un-install and then re-install Preform?

OK this is weird… I went to uninstall Preform and it’s gone… it’s not there at all. The task bar icon is dead because the program is apparently gone.

Hey Index! Were you able to do a clean reinstall after you realized Preform had disappeared?

Yes… downloaded form the Formlabs web site and it installed V 3.10 without a hitch and is now working.

Well the plot thickened this morning… I have a print running overnight and left my PC on with Dashboard monitoring the print. I also left Preform running.

I come into the office this a.m. and check the print status and decide to do a re-boot, as I run a lot of application and my SolidWorks get’s wonkie if I go to long without one.

When I re-start the PC, Preform is gone. I did a little forensic work this time and the Formlabs folder on my C: drive is still there, but the only thing in it are files related to Form Wash and Form Cure… there is not .exe for Preform.

So apparently the software is uninstalling itself.

Not sure why it would want to run away, as I provided a very cozy home for it on a pretty robust CAD workstation.