Preform Won't Run, Windows 7

I have the latest version of Preform and for a while now, it will not run on my computer. After fresh installations, I will attempt to launch the program and the window for preform loads, with the middle artifacting whatever was there before the screen popped up. Then the whole thing disappears after a few seconds.

Has anyone experienced this? It is completely debilitating to actually using my printer. I have tried many graphics driver updates for the last few months. And I’m finally out of options on what it could be. My last attempt is to reinstall version 2.9 of preform and see if that works.

Please help!

Did you try a clean install of PreForm? I run both 7 and 10 with no issues but I don’t believe I have the latest version. Only thing that might make it quit on start is a bad file which a clean install would solve. Other than that it may be a video driver compatibility, ie older intel based video.

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