Preform OpenGL Issues

I am having trouble using the Preform software. I am running it on a Windows 7 PC and each time that I open the program, I receive an error message stating, “Could not find some OpenGL functions. Attempting to fall back to alternative functions, but there may be unexpected behavior.” The program is not able to generate support structures for my model, but my graphics card is running OpenGL 2.1, which is the version that the program is supposed to work with. Has anyone else had this issue? And does anyone have a good solution? I have already updated my graphics driver to no avail.

Is Win7 running in a virtual machine, or on bare metal?

The computer is a dell PC that came with Windows 7 installed

Almost same problem here.
Using Intel 965 Express graphics.
OpenGL2.0.0 according to GPU Caps Viewer.
Latest Intel drivers.

Been having trouble on Preform versions 1.4 and 1.5 on my old XP computers, with Preform crashing at start-up. I grumbled a bit and got a 1.53 beta that runs but still squawks a bit at start-up.

If enough folks report this, it should become a priority for the software group. Hopefully they can find graphics routines that use functions more universally supported.

I have the same problem, I got as far as getting an update for the firmware, but windows force quits when I accept. I tried to open PreForm with an .STL file but still got a “can’t get into DHP mode” error. Has anybody else seen that?

@Jake_Pichel, I think the issue you’re seeing isn’t related to graphics drivers. If you open a support ticket we can help get your printer running without filling the forum with back-and-forth. It would be very helpful if you could provide your operating system version, PreForm version, and specific steps to recreate the problem when you open the ticket.

We are working on the PreForm OpenGL issues, but @AndrewHudson’s correct: the more people who report an issue, the higher priority it is to fix. Otherwise, we don’t know how wide-spread an issue is.