Preform Version 2.11 problem

Anyone have any issues with doing support edits in this version? I tried it and found it would crash within the first 2-3 minutes. Ans since absolutely everything I do requires manual support placements I had to back down to V 2.10.

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve made sure to forward this to our software team so that we can look into it and ensure that there aren’t any bugs in the newer version.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I haven’t seen previous reports that PreForm crashes while editing supports in 2.11. If you submit a support ticket we can ask you for more information about your computer which might help us in reproducing and fixing the issue.

I have zero problems with the previous version. Where can I find the minimum system requirements?

Windows & Mac reqs here

It’s possible that you’re seeing these crashes even if your computer meets the minimum requirements. If that’s the case, knowing things like your graphics card, amount of computer memory, and even the specific model of your computer could help us figure out and fix whatever problem with PreForm is causing the crashes. Sometimes problems only manifest on a small percentage of computers.

It’s an i5 Running 64 bit windows 7, with 4 GB RAM. The Graphics chip is Intel HD Family but I can’t determine the openGL version.

It’s been a while since I trouble…shot? shooted? windows config stuff, but if memory serves you should be able to get any info you need from one of the two commands.

Start -> Run -> type ‘dxdiag’ or ‘msinfo’ both without the quotes.

Even if it doesn’t directly help you here, they are fun places to delve deeper into the inner workings of your computer! (yes I am a proud nerd)

Lastly for OpenGL, I don’t have an intel chipset, so I cannot verify, but follow these instructions.

I hope any of that helps!

Got some information here. dxdiag won’t tell me the version of openGL unless I load a 3rd party extension.

The two important bits there are the GPU (an Intel HD 2500) and the driver version (

The 2500 is a chip that Intel isn’t supporting terribly well at this point, but even so, I think that driver is quite old. From Intel’s site, it looks like that’s from 2012. If I ask Intel for the current drivers for this GPU for Windows 7

It points me at, which was released 5/13/2016. So the first thing I would try is updating to that version.

But as I said earlier, Intel hasn’t been terribly responsive to issues in the 2500 recently, so I wouldn’t bet too much on that driver fixing the issue.

One way to deal with issues like this is to use PreForm with software OpenGL. If you look in the folder which you installed PreForm into, you’ll see there are actually two versions there.

If you run the one named “PreForm (Software Rendering)”, then a reliable, software implementation of OpenGL will be used. This can be somewhat slower than the hardware implementation, but for a low-end GPU like the HD 2500, the difference is actually quite small. If this works for you, you can pin that version of PreForm to the Start menu or taskbar.

Thanks, I’ll try the newer driver first.

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