PreForm ver. 2.3.3 keeps dying

It’s happened more that a few times, I get a system message that PreForm has stopped working and I need to close the program and start again. My system is more than adequate with 24GB memory, 5 TB of disk and 8 CPU processors.

Also for good measure, can’t the programmers put the version number in the top bar with the name. Sure would make it easier than hiding it under Help.

How large are the files you are opening and what operating system are you using?

All of the PreForm saved files indicate 1KB? I’m running Windows 8 Pro.

Doesn’t seem to matter how large a file but when I go on to work elsewhere and PF is in the background that’s when it happens.

I also have a hioend video card. Just realized the PF file just references the obj or stl files used.

I have that quite a bit on my laptop but it only has the Intel built in video, On my regular desktop with dedicated graphics card I don’t have that at all. I think PreForm is looking for some feature that is unavailable on lower end machines. Probably an OpenGL call that isn’t on the lower end cards. That’s my guess.

It will run though if you re-launch it.
Formlabs can probably correct me if I’m Wrong on that.

This doesn’t happen when I’m working in PreForm but when it has been sitting idle for a while. I first get a VB System error then a notice saying I should shut down Preform because it’s stopped working. No problem when I’m actually using the software.

Maybe the vb runtimes are corrupt? Hop to MS and download fresh ones from there I guess.

I have other programs that use the same systems with out any issues. Even ones I wrote myself. This wasn’t an issue until the new version of PreForm.

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