Preform Crash after one successful use?

Hi All,

We just got our Form1 and I successfully printed one model. However, when I got back to work this week, I tried to open Preform and it will not work. It will open then I get an error stating that the display drivers stopped working. I’m confused, since I was able to successfully use it last week on the same computer. I tried a different computer and got the same result.

Has anyone else had this issue? How did you resolve it?



Need way more data. First, are you on Windows or Mac?
But, as a rule If nothing changed, then well, nothing would change, so:

  • If windows, did you run windows update or did it autorun unbeknownst to you?
  • Did you install any other software?
  • Have you uninstalled Preform and then reinstalled it to see if that might fix the issue?

Thanks for responding so quickly Christopher.

I am using windows, and it may have updated, but I don’t think it did. I have not installed any other software, and I did un/reinstall Preform, but that didn’t help.


Is it XP? If so it’s a known issue. You’ll need to get the prior version of Preform (1.82 I think) to get around that. If you’re on 7 or above, not sure what’s up. Might want to try to update your video card driver from the mfg’s site.

but…, it did work once, so weird…

It’s 7. The fact that it worked once on two different machines is weird. I’ve got it running properly (I think) on a third laptop, but I want to figure this out…

Thank you for the feedback!

did you check the windows event viewer? it may be making some useful noise.

Hi Dan,

This sounds like an issue we’ve seen a few times since the 1.9 launch.

Have you opened a ticket with customer support (at I think they would be able to help.


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