Software error on Preform startup

When starting up the Preform software I experience an error stating ‘Could not find OpenGL extension GL_EXT_packed_depth_stencil. Some features may not work correctly.’

How will this error effect Preform operation? Is there a fix I might be able to apply on my end?



Hey Joseph.

Make sure you download the latest drivers for your videocard and Direct X. that should fix the problem!

Hey Alex,

Thanks for the reply. The chipset manufacturer has newer drivers for the hardware but it seems the company that built my computer is no longer putting out driver updates! So, I have an outdated driver for my chipset. Any work arounds?


Unfortunately not that I know of Joseph… However, I don’t think it will affect the print of your Form1+ itself. The Open GL drivers are purely there for your videocard to calculate full objects on the screen rather than pixel by pixel (very basic explanation). This helps increase speed and handling your model enormously! This is very handy when working with 3d programs such as Preform. When missing the Open GL drivers, you might be getting some lag when rotating the model or going through different layers one-by-one, but that’s all! If you don’t notice any lag, or are able to work with the program being a little slower, you have nothing to worry about.

I must say, that OpenGL has been around for many videocards for atleast 4 years (or maybe even longer), so if you have the money, buy a new videocard. Especially if you’re planning on designing and rendering your own models. Even converting to STL needs a lot of CPU and GPU power!