Preform 3.20.0

Is anyone else having issues installing 3.20.0? Every time i open it i get 3.19.1 after the install. When i go to reinstall 3.2 i get a repair option.

Doesn’t seem to work. I might have to remove the preform folder all together.

Yes. I have been unable to update to 3.20.0. Not sure if I’ve tried uninstalling 3.19.1 yet, but no amount of installs or repairs with the 3.20 installer yields 3.20 version in the running program. Steadfastly sticks with 3.19.


So far I have it working. I completely uninstalled preform entirely. Went into my windows install and also deleted all the prior update versions. I also deleted the entire Formlabs folder and let 3.20 reinstall everything. So far it’s reading 3.20 for the version.

Thanks. Figured that would do it. Just haven’t gotten around to it. Now I will! :slight_smile:

Yeah I noticed it yesterday sending something from Fusion 360 to Preform and I kept getting 3.19?

Obviously this should not be doing this…lol.

Hey everyone. I’ve been using 3.20 and I initially had the same problem of it starting 3.19. For some reason, on my system, it installed as another instance of Preform and my shortcuts were opening the old version. Basically had go into “Programs and Features”, uninstall the 3.19 version and redo all my shortcuts.

Hope this helps!

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I had to do the same thing. Uninstall 3.19 and then install 3.20. Not a big deal but it’s an obvious miss by Formlabs that they should have fixed by now.

The new preform software was installed in “program files” rather then "program files (x86). So if you have an icon shortcut you just have to remove the “(x86)” in the shortcut locations.

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