Preform 2.7.1 Can't detect printer but 1.8 does

I downloaded the latest Preform software and it can’t find my printer. Tried several different USB ports and a different computer with no luck. Do I need to update the firmware to get this to work or is something else going on?

Good news is that I found an older version on my pc and installed that. 1.8 sees the printer just fine and is printing as I type. But I would like to be able to use the new features of the latest software. So any thoughts?

Happy to hear you found a temporary workaround and can keep printing. I encourage you to get in touch with our support team so we can help get this sorted. This will also help us to track and send any potential issues to the Software team. Including PreForm and firmware versions in your ticket helps to speed things up a bit.

Have you tried it over the network? I just moved and it didn’t find the printer automatically but putting in the IP address worked fine.

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