PreForm Does not see my Printer

Its been a week or 2 since I printed anything. But upon setting a job up, I went to hit print, and the orange icon has the disconnect symbol in it. I tried multiple USB ports, restarted the printer, restarted PreForm, and restarted my computer.

The only thing that changed in the mean time is that I put a new video card in my machine.

After lunch I will probably try putting PreForm on another PC and see if the printer is recognized.
Any ideas?

I think the easiest thing to check is to reinstall Preform as it installs drivers again, maybe something got borked with the new video card.

That was a good thought. New download gave me this error:

I then went through the control panel, uninstalled PreForm, then re-installed and received the same error.

Does something show up in the device manager when you plug the printer?
If it does I’d try unistalling that.

When I unplug/plug it back in, it creates a new line, Universal Serial Bus Devices, with the Form 1+ being the only device.

I find this interesting because everything else is under controllers?

It’s the same in my machine.
My windows is in Spanish but even then the form shows under “universal serial bus devices” written in English.

I just installed on my laptop. Still not able to print. Looks like I have a situation on my hands.

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