Printer showing offline since Preform and FIrmware upgrade

To add to the other issues weve been having weith this thing…

Yesterday we were prompted to update Preform software and Firmware for our FOrm2.

Ever since uion the dashboard, the printer shows offline. Have already unregistered it and re added etc…

ANyone having issues?

The one good thing I will say post update is that if/when a printer is detected to have disconnected, it auto reconnects. Thats is nice

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i Have the same problem :frowning:

What exactly does “Unregistered and re added etc…” mean? If the printer shows as offline, what is it that you’re doing to try and recover this issue?

Are you connected via WiFi, USB, or Ethernet?

Have you tried rebooted the PC that is running PreForm?

Have you tried rebooting your Router?

Have you tried power cycling the printer since the upgrade?

If you haven’t tried all of these things, I would recommend you:

  1. shut off printer
  2. shut off PC
  3. power cycle router
  4. turn on printer
  5. reboot PC

Ive tried everything conceivable to remedy htis situation including filing a ticket…

Imagine my suprise, NO contact. Tahnkfully the other 2 we were going to buy hadnt been bought… Neat 5000 dollar experiment…

Thats what id call it… Looks like well either be repairing our Viper or just outsourcing in the future, this thing is just too unreliable on too many levels to be able to consider it enough of a win to rely on it, the sofdtware and most DEFINATELY the support SO far.

Too bad :frowning:

Cannot find the printer on the network, at all… MUST DIrectly tether viua USB to load jobs… Cmon guys

All done multiple times

Is “Bonjour” running on your PC?

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