Suddenly getting major WIFI issues. Latest Preform acting weird?

Hey all, anyone having issues with uploading from Preform over Wifi? Preform recognises the printer and starts sending the print-job and it will show up on the printer but stay at 0% and will just hang on Preform upload bar until I have to cancel. Other times Preform upload bar will finish quick and say print uploaded successfully and then there is nothing on the printer screen??

Anyone experience issues like this?

In my case I have to restart the printer so it can connect to the Wifi network again, but now I’m not sure if I have to upgrade.

I got the latest firmware on it. Not sure if this is anything to do with that though I think I was having this issue just before upgrading. How do you usually restart your printer? Maybe I should try that. For now I have to connect a laptop to it to print :frowning:

I would just remove the power from the back of the printer and wait a couple minutes and plug it back in.


I have had trouble too. I gave up and hooked it (with a cable) to the network here at my work. That works great.

@FormBeast I have experienced this issue twice. In my case simply restarting the printer as @Chris_Estelow suggests works for me.

I usually go to the printer touchscreen -> printer icon ->WiFi and touch the name of my router.

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