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Printer is "disconnected" upon launching preform

Ever since I updated preform, I am now getting a printer “disconnected” status when i launch preform. I have found that switching back and forth from my 5ghz to 2.4ghz wifi “jogs” preform and it then updates with “primed”.

Annoying for such an excellent machine.


I also have issues with my Wifi. I thought it was distance from router. So I put the router in the same room. Still fails daily.

I hardwired it and connected it to wifi and did a continuous ping check. The wifi connection drops about 6-7% percent of packets and has a ping time of about 300ms vs 6ms from wired.

The wifi reliability of the form printer is marginal at best.

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Turning OFF my vpn did it for me!

I get this issue with the Form3 and Form 3L at work a lot!

I find restarting Preform sometimes works, otherwise restarting my computer. Sometimes I need to restart the printer.

Another example of how seemingly unfinished PreForm is :frowning:

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