Form 2 frozen mid-print, "offline" in dashboard, can't abort

I’ve read other posts here that I just have to unplug the machine, which I assume is my only option since aborting isn’t doing anything. This is fine, hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

What’s weird is that I went to my printer dashboard and it doesn’t even show that the print was started. My printer is also listed as “offline”, although it is obviously on.

Are there any low-level log files I can pull to send to technical support?

I don’t know what firmware is currently loaded, but it should be the latest as of 3/7/2017 since I always update when prompted. I’m running PreForm v2.10.3.


I’ll answer part of my own question - the Form 2 is smart enough to know that I power cycled by pulling the plug, and it tells me how to get diagnostics as soon as it boots up. :slight_smile: Smart!

Am I able to see this log, or did my printer just sent it to Formlabs directly? It would be interesting to know what went wrong. Will they notify me directly?

Hi @resin8, sorry you having trouble with your printer. I can answer a few things for you. Your diagnostics were uploaded to FL. You should open a ticket so you can follow-up with them.

Regarding your original issue I had my printer do nearly the same thing to me once. The screen didn’t have anything printing, the dashboard didn’t have a print going, yet a print was going. My printer was also listed off line, however my print continued another couple hours until finished. Slightly different issue compared to yours. I restarted my printer and 75ish prints later it hasn’t happened again.

I hope you’re lucky too, although I would definitely follow up with support to try to figure out what’s wrong. I never did follow up and figured it was just a fluke.

Our support team is able to get diagnostic information from your printer unless you’ve specifically prohibited it. You should open a ticket if you haven’t already so that we can help to troubleshoot. One of the newer firmware updates helps to correct this issue so make sure to include the PreForm and Firmware versions in your ticket!

It’s called a “Phone Home” feature. Borrowed from the movie “E.T.”. Many higher end computer systems/servers do the same kind of thing. It’s a great idea for any device that connects to a network.

Thanks, everyone! I will open a ticket shortly.

Any news on what may have caused this? I’ve had this happen to me twice in a row now. I turn on the Form 2, let it run overnight and in the morning its still sitting there mid print. The first one failed at 15 minutes remaining, the second try (with a different file) failed at 20 minutes remaining.
I did notice that it started printing sooner than normal, like it didn’t take the time to heat the tank as usual… But summer is coming and it could just be warmer?
Really curious how to get this taken care of.

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Could this be due to the printer running out of memory? I just checked mine and it was mostly full… Will try clearing things up and updating the firmware. Will try again.

Are you running the most recent firmware? Some issues in regards to freezes mid-print were corrected in a recent update. If you’re still running into issues after updating, can you open up a ticket with our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot?

Between clearing up the memory and the firmware update the issue seems to be solved.

So this just happened to me, 4 mins left of a 14hr print! Latest firmware, latest preform, printer only had 2 prints in memory.

Print diagnostics have been sent, talked to Alex in tech support. Since the printer froze there most likely will not be any pertinent information as to why it froze. …just one of those things.

Reboot and I’m printing again.

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