F2 will not turn on


I started a 5 hour print last night, went home as usual.

Walked in this AM to see:

  1. Print tray was sitting (stuck) 50% into the resin tank.
  2. Blue Led screen (unresponsive)
  3. Conducted a shut down by unplugging for 5 min.

Result: my tray is still stuck 50% in my resin tank and we have no power. :persevere:

Ive checked the plug connections and power supply, this doesn’t seem to be the issue. Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m in a pinch.

Hey there!

So sorry to hear you’re having some issues in the middle of your print. That’s absolutely not what we want to see!

The best thing you can do is contact our support team at the link below and we’ll get back to you ASAP to make sure you get back to printing as efficiently as we can manage.


Hi, I’m trying to create a ticket but the Formlabs phone app isn’t working :confused:.

Can you help get this done?

This page does not scroll.

meaning, after I enter my first and last, ientrtkng my email address is a guessing game.

And I can’t move forward beyond this page :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m really not able to wait until Thursday for Septillion to come and check my now 2nd failed printer in less than 12 months.

Can you share with me any tricks, tips or solutions to keep this machine upnamd running?? I’m really in a jam here.


Hey SJS,

In all likelihood you won’t be able to resume that print. I would unplug the printer and then plug it back in before trying the print again.

There’s every chance it was just a one time bug that’s causing the problem, so it’s worth trying again.

Do you have a computer you can use for the support page? Definitely an issue that you’re having trouble on mobile and I’ll pass that along, but it should work just fine on a larger screen.

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