Won't Power up?!

I went to check the printer since it didn’t seem to be online when I logged in to Preform. Screen was lit and showing the home screen. I tapped it and nothing happened. Tapped it again…Nothing. Reached back and unplugged the printer and plugged it back in - The screen flashed and the Formlabs logo lit up, then nothing. Tried to reset the printer… Same thing. Sent a note to support, but WTH?

Hey @BippiInc,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post, and I’m so sorry you’re running into issues with your Form 3 this week!

At the moment I think you’ve taken all the steps I would recommend, and communicating with support will be the best way to get back up and running as efficiently as possible.

If you have any issues communicating with support or anything like that, please don’t hesitate to let me know here and I’ll do what I can to push things along.