Form 3 Suddenly Shut Down

I have already contacted support, but was wondering if anyone has a solution while I wait for a response:
7% into my print, my Form 3 just shut down. I have made sure I have power. I have used several different outlets just to make sure again I have power, To no avail, My Form 3 is not powering back up. Nothing on the display, and can’t see the printer in my dashboard. I don’t see any reset switch or fuse. I can also not move the print bed up. While I hope no one else had this experience, I am hoping to find a solution. TIA

Unplug the printer and wait a few minutes before plugging back in. It should restart and initialise again. But you will have let that print.

The get in touch with support.

I wish it was that simple :slight_smile:
I have already contacted support and am awaiting a reply.

Formlabs will send me a new printer and have me return my current printer.