Form3 powers off mid print

Hi all -

I’m a long time form2 user (professional setting) who just got a new form3 online. My first 2 prints have failed in a unique way (compared to anything I’ve seen on the F2). brand new machine is 0-2 :frowning:

Both prints failed early in the build (less then 10% in). In both cases the F3 just shut off. No error messages, nothing. I just walk up to find a machine that is powered off, blank screen, totally dead with the build platform sitting in the resin. It just stopped mid-layer and shut off.

I end up have to unplug / re-plug in the machine to restart it.

nothing else appears to be wrong? Printer just shut off.

Using current firmware, Grey V4, 0.16 layers. Diagnostic info has been sent to support. What little of the prints have stuck to the plate look good.

any thoughts?