Printout stopped (with no error)

Hi there,

I left something printing before the weekend. Long print, ca. 22h with grey v4 resin and 25 microns.

Today I arrived and the building platform was down (and stopped there) in the middle of the print. No error message.

Does anybody know what happened?

Here some pictures of the print out and the printer screen:

I’ve had this happen, and eventually Formlabs replaced the printer.

is it so serious?

did you try anything?

yeah, freezes once in a while
annoying but nothing cab be done

Hey there @davidrdguez,

I’m so sorry you’re seeing some weird behavior with your Form 2. I know anything that interrupts printing can be really frustrating.

As mentioned here, I would recommend getting in touch with our support team. There’s absolutely no guarantee the printer will need to be replaced or anything like that, but it’s easier to determine that when support can investigate things a little more closely themselves.


it is connected by cable

formlabs told me to update the preform and firmware.

the firmware was updated to the last version, preform no.

i’ll do a test print, let’s see because this happened twice, in different moments in time


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