Printer has just stopped doing anything!

I have a new Form 2 printer. This second print is about 26 hours into the print, the display says there are 18 hours left but the printer has just stopped doing anything with the build platform in the down position and the print is in the resin. I don’t see any errors to note. The touchscreen doesn’t respond it’s been in this state for about an hour now… Any ideas?

You should open a ticket and wait to hear what FormLabs says before you attempt to do anything. I bet if you open a ticket now you’ll hear back from them by tomorrow.

New printer = under warranty, unless you break it trying to get it unstuck…

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Can you check to make sure you’re running the newest PreForm and Firmware versions? An older version of the firmware did have a bug that caused some printers to pause in the middle of a print. You can find the most up-to-date PreForm and Firmware versions here. If you’re on the latest releases or updating doesn’t seem to correct things for you, I’ll make sure to get you in touch with a member of our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot further.

Frew, he needs instructions on how to get the printer “unstuck”. It’s halted with the build platform in the resin tank… does he just power cycle it or is there something else he should do to attempt to recover the printer to an operable state?

We haven’t found an easy way to recover a print when it’s halted like this. Power cycling re-initializes the printer and get things working again but we’ll want to help identify the root cause of the freeze before starting another print.

Thanks people for responding to my question and issue. Glad to say that there are no problems anymore …

Do you guys know why I don’t receive any messages from my form2? A few days ago this was not a problem… It says my printer is offline??? how can I change it to online? Thanks!!!

This happened to me too with older firmware. The printer just stops. Update it as soon as possible.

You could try to power-cycle the machine so it re-initializes allowing you to start a new print. If the platform is stuck to the tank, then you have to release the platform first, slide out the tank with platform until loose and then rotate the spindle by hand so the whole goes up until you can remove it.

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