Printer completely frozen mid print

So yesterday around 2pm my time I started a 13 hr print. I expected it to be complete around 3am-ish. I wake up to no text message on my phone informing me of a complete print!

Coming into work this morning I find the following:

No failure, no error messages, nothing has fallen from the platform, etc. The printer is just frozen (apparently since approx 7pm last night). The touch screen is not responding and the printer is emitting a very quiet but high pitched noise.

This was a new cartridge of clear and a new resin tank.

I think my only recourse at the moment is to unplug the machine and ditch the print. I’m just hoping the machine is OK. Suggestions?

Oh, and I’ve been trying support…all reps are busy atm.

  • Kevin

Well I talked to Maggie in support and my hunch was correct, unplug the machine, ditch the print. I’m fine with that as long as the printer itself is OK!

Anyone have a similar experience, advice?

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Well, not sure if anyone is following this, but reset everything, reprinted and all is well. shrug

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that happened to me twice in one week last month. i updated the Formware and havent had another halt

Happened to me with the last firmware and preform version. Support told me to do a factory reset.
Since then I haven’t got any issues yet.

Again! Halfway my print the printer simply stopped. The screen is not responding and according to the dashboard, the printer is offline.

The longer I use this printer, the more problems I have.

It’s getting an expensive production machine this way…

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