Form 2 Freezing mid-end print


The last 2 weeks I had 3 times the freezing of the printer on 2 form 2’s…
The touchscreen is not working and the printer doesn’t print further.
Is this due the update?
Now I did for the first form 2 an factory reset and hoping that it won’t happen again…

Has anyone ever experienced this?
It’s again a weekend that we lose on our deadline…

Kind regards

Hey @Ruben_Leys,

Sorry to hear about your recent frozen prints! That’s definitely not what we want, and I sincerely apologize for your missed deadline.

A factory reset is a totally fine place to start! Normally I’d suggest a power-cycle first, but you didn’t hurt anything.

Next up, you’ll definitely want to make sure both your PreForm software and printer Firmware are totally up to date.

To be honest, this is one of those errors that can appear out of the blue, and disappear just as quickly after performing a power-cycle or factory reset. From here, I would suggest just attempting to print as normal!

That being said, if the problem does emerge again please contact our support team ASAP at the link below, and we’d be more than happy to help you investigate to minimize any potential downtime!

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