Touchscreen freezing

Hello, new Form 2 owner here. I’m having a problem where the touchscreen is freezing up every few prints. The only way to fix that I’ve found so far is to pull the cord and hard reboot the machine. It doesn’t seem to affect in-progress prints, but when it happens the display changes to a picture of the print with a timer at the top, no info on what layer or the layer status dial. The print still finishes just fine, but afterwards I have to pull the power plug to reboot.

The unit is also dropping off WiFi every once in a while, but that has only happened twice so far. It remembers the WiFi and PW, but I have to tell it to reconnect.

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I just replaced the screen on one of my Form 2 machines. I think we might press them too hard. I’ve found just the lightest touch works very well.

Contact FormLabs and order a replacement. If you machine is less than a year old they will replace it free.

Yeah, our two Form2’s do this as well. Also have to hard reboot them. Started happening after a firmware update late last year.

Join the crowd! I had my printer refurbished and the touch screen started freezing, especially on the 'success" screen at the end of a print. Pulling the plug is the only way to clear it. That is also clearing the print library on the machine.
It does not matter if I’m using WiFi or Ethernet as it has happened both ways.
It in not very consistent either. It may happen every print then go away all by itself.
The tech asked if the close screen warning shows when the screen is frozen and the cover is lifted. Then the following:
If you do not see the message, this indicates that the software is at fault. Please update or re-push the latest firmware update.
If you do see the message, the printer’s hardware is likely at fault.
I’m running the latest firmware. The screen has not froze since she sent those instructions. Its a waiting game now.

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