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Touch screen on Form2 frozen

I’ve been using Form2 for more than a year now suddenly my touch screen has frozen no action, tried restarting it works for a few minutes and then it freezes again any suggestions …need urgent help

I had that too! It happened a few times at random, never figured out why.

Unplugging, waiting a while, then plugging back in seemed to fix it. Once it quickly locked up again and I had to do it a second time. Haven’t seen the issue anymore lately.

thank you, but my formlab2 still freezes after a while

Same. Seemed to happen along with other problems after installing the latest firmware.

I am having this issue as well. I have two From 2 machines and in the last 6 months they have both become very unreliable.

my issue didnt resolve, had to buy a new one as i got to know from the company that they do not replace after warranty or repair.

I think this is a software issue. I have had this issue with my form 2 since I got it. Any time the machine loses power or resets via software (through updates, or the reset option in settings). The touch screen does not work and it needs to be unplugged and re-plugged back in.

I’ve had my touchscreen randomly freeze a few times since my last post (e.g. at the end of a print).

Following up.

I eventually installed a brand new touchscreen purchased from Formlabs, and still run into problems where it intermittently freezes. I think it’s more common immediately after applying a firmware update. After the most recent update I had it happen a few times in a row after power cycling the machine. Preform was open at the time (possibly searching for printers?). I closed Preform and the next time it worked. No idea if that’s related or was just coincidence. My printer is configured with a fixed IP.

Like @Jmorris I’ve also noticed it after power loss or resets (although not exclusively).

If you search the forums there are lots of older reports of touchscreens randomly freezing. It feels more like a software bug to me than a hardware one…