Print stopped (froze?) 10 minutes before it was finished

I was checking on my print that I was pretty sure was supposed to be done and still it said 15 minutes left. i thought that was odd but left it to finish. I came back an hour later and it said 10 minutes left but now it was not moving. I waited a couple minutes but still nothing. The part was still lowered and I didn’t want anything to crash into anything. The touch screen worked fine so I tried pausing and resuming the print and nothing. I tried going into sleep mode then waking it up again. No luck. There was a humming noise and the printer seemed warmer than usual (~38°C maybe). I didn’t want anything to get burned out, so finally I unplugged the printer. Hind sight maybe I should have rebooted through the setting menu. Upon reboot it finally pulled the unfinished parts up. I sent in a diagnostic report after the reset. Any idea what went wrong?

I wont have a chance to do any printing again until Wednesday at the soonest.

They were 2 very small pieces with rafts about the size of a quarter and a 1.25mm lattice structure. They were printed in clear v2 at 50 layer height.

Another question: What is the proper procedure if this ever happens again?

Thanks for sending in a report on this. Several months back, there was a bug that caused occasionally freezes, but this was corrected in recent updates. Can you make sure you’re on the latest firmware, and if this keeps occurring, let me know so that I can get you in touch with a member of our team.

RE: what to do if this happens again; print freezes tend to require a power cycle to correct, and this is the best option if you don’t notice any activity for a few minutes.

if I power cycle in such a situation, will the printer resume the print where it left off? Or is it a loss?

Is there any way to get it to resume?

Power cycling would cancel the print requiring that it be restarted. We’re looking into a ‘resume print’ function that would allow you to continue a job after a power outage or in cases like these.

that would be really great… because of the proclivity of prints to fail after 10 or 15 hours of printing… right when you can almost see them being finished

I will have to check the firmware version when I get home. I am pretty sure it is the latest as I updated the printer, when prompted, right around the time preform 2.14 came out.

It would be nice to be sent an email or message in the dashboard so that you can add a note to the diagnostic report. I am not sure if the report will show the freeze or just the power failure. I think it might be helpful for the techs to know that they are supposed to be looking for.

Edit: just confirmed I am on the latest firmware rc-1.16.7-12

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