Printer stopped just before end of print, no error message

I have a new Form 2 printer here. I’ve done 3 prints so far with great results and a 4th print on the printer. This print is about 10 hours into the print, the display says there are 9 minutes left but the printer has just stopped doing anything with the build platform in the down position and the print is in the resin. I don’t see any errors to note. When I check the info it just says “Printing” it’s been in this state for about an hour now…

Any ideas?

Happened to me three times already. Nothing to do about it, it just refuses to continue. Screen is still working and active and it’s not sensing anything.

Already contacted support without any solution.

I now regularly remove the power from the machine and till now it hasn’t happened.

Maybe it ran out oft memory?

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