Form 3 stopped in middle of print and said it was done

My Form 3 started up normally for a ~13 hour print. I checked the Dashboard before I went to bed and it said the print was finished after about 3 1/2 hours. I went downstairs to check and the print head was down in the resin and the printer was showing IDLE. There were no error messages. It just stopped and said it was done. I had to restart the print and then cancel to get the head to come back up. What I could see of the partial print seemed normal. Any thoughts on why the printer would stop in the middle of a print? And why if it thought it was finished did it leave the head down in the resin?

Hey @Explorer76!

Thanks so much for reaching out, I’m so sorry that you ran into this issue! The best thing to do to get help as efficiently as possible is to get in touch with our support team.

They’ll be more than happy to investigate your situation more closely so we can figure out what might be going on.

What ended up happening.

Are you going to update what the resolution was??

Hi all,

While I’m not sure what the resolution of this particular case was, this type of issue can have a few different root causes including corrupt firmware, corrupt print job files, or damage to the printer’s electrical components. If you encounter this issue yourself, especially if it is reproducible, contacting our Support Team would be the best way to narrow this down further.