Print stops incomplete

Our company has a Form 3 and on several occasions now the print has stopped mid print in the down position with no codes/errors, the screen shows up as complete with the thumbs up/thumbs down option. This has really put us in a bind several times now with 8-15 hour long print jobs and wasting a ton of resin, we need a solution. A couple times before we just reprint hoping for the best and it runs it through just fine with no changes. We are using Grey Pro resin.

Hi @HytechEngSLA,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I’m sorry to hear about the unexpected stopped prints you’ve been encountering. An initial step to take would be to reinstall the printer’s latest firmware following the steps in Manual firmware update. With that said, I would also suggest getting in touch with our Support Team in order for them to narrow this down further.

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