Print interrupted Error 4


I wake up this morning just to find 9 hours and around 80ml of resin wasted…

No information anywhere about this error:4

Printer was just laying there halted, no funky sounds or anything.

After dismissing the message on the panel it just returned to main screen but the Z axis never went up, I rebbot printer but not throwing another print on it until I get some information about this, I raised a ticket with log file already and will contact local support on monday.

This job needs to be delivered on monday and now thanks to this I will need to work overnight to be on schedule.

It’s critical to have a $3500 USD printer capable of just do the job, as was the case with form 2. The form 3 we have can only be used for large parts requiring no fine details, and for now we only work white resin on it, a very nice and expensive paperweight for the past three months.