Print interrupted Error 4

I wake up this morning just to find 9 hours and around 80ml of resin wasted…

No information anywhere about this error:4

Printer was just laying there halted, no funky sounds or anything.

After dismissing the message on the panel it just returned to main screen but the Z axis never went up, I rebbot printer but not throwing another print on it until I get some information about this, I raised a ticket with log file already and will contact local support on monday.

This job needs to be delivered on monday and now thanks to this I will need to work overnight to be on schedule.

It’s critical to have a $3500 USD printer capable of just do the job, as was the case with form 2. The form 3 we have can only be used for large parts requiring no fine details, and for now we only work white resin on it, a very nice and expensive paperweight for the past three months.

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Did you get a resolution to this? Just had this same issue.

First thing you’ll want to do is contact our support team! They’ll be happy to look into what happened so we can diagnose the issue, and hopefully prevent it from appearing again when you’re trying to get prints done!

Yes, We have the printer changed for the 3rd time. This 3rd replacement is working fine until now

Hi Everyone, Was there ever any information or solution provided for this error. I have just had this come up and would prefer not to waste a lot more resin before knowing what the issue is. Thanks!

I had this problem today for the first time;

Response from chat help:
Gotcha, I’m going to take a quick look at PatheticAlligator’s logs, but error 4 indicates that there was a problem communicating with one of the motors and is typically an error that only presents itself once. After power cycling, it usually is resolved. But as I said I’ll just take a quick peek at the logs and be right back!

Thank you for waiting, outside the error things are looking good! I do see PatheticAlligator is one version behind on firmware, I would update that when you get a chance. As I mentioned a power cycle should resolve this issue. You’ll want to unplug PatheticAlligator and leave it off for about one minute and then you should be all set to start printing again.

Should the error crop up again we can get a case created and our agents can walk you through resolving the communication issue

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