Error 131

Anyone else had this error pop up mid print? For no obvious reason the printer just decides it’s had enough and restarts the machine effectively (platform rises etc).

yes I just returned my form3 because I couldnt get this error to go away.I tried levelling the printer but it didnt fix the issue


Well that bodes well Carl! Did you ever find out what the issue was?

Resetting the machine seems to help clear it on occasion or uploading a new file from preform but I’d like to know if this is something that’s going to get worse over time.

Anyone from formlabs got an answer?

Hey @Gary_Cairns!

Best thing you can do is reach out to our support team directly so they can investigate your specific circumstances. It’s really valuable to go to them because they can track the issues that users are having, and they’ll also be the most up to date and aware of everything going on.

You can find them at the link below. If you don’t hear back within 1 business day please let me know and I’ll push it from my end!

In the interest of full disclosure and fairness my form3 was having other issues so it was decided mutually to do a hot swap.I never got an explanation aobut the 131 error except according to the forum it means the printer needs leveling.Formlabs did get an upload of the error log file from the Form3 so i assume they have some data to work on, but they wont physically have my machine for a few days.

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